Specforce Alpha Review – Special Forces Style

Do you want to explore a new workout system that helps you achieve that much-coveted male physique without depending upon pricey gym equipment or steroids? If yes, then what you need is Specforce Alpha, a cutting-edge tactical workout program developed by former military instructor and fitness trainer, Todd Lamb. Designed to help you shed fat and maximize muscle mass gain, Specforce Alpha is best for people who are looking for a system that meets two primary goal- injury recovery and physical fitness.

Specforce Alpha program

What is the Specforce Alpha Program?

Created and compiled by Todd Lamb, the Specforce Alpha in basically a rigorous and revolutionary interval training program designed to help both ace fitness enthusiasts and beginners to shed their stubborn body fat and gain rock-solid muscles without using a gym membership or a special equipment or even a specific diet. The primary focus of this program is to maximize gain of muscle mass while accelerating fat loss at the same time. Although you may have believed that it’s impossible to develop muscles while losing fat, this is actually a myth, and Todd Lamb shows you why. In addition to help you sculpt the perfect male body, Specforce Alpha is also designed to help you enhance your overall performance, alleviate the risks of fitness-related injuries and even allow you to recover from post-workout fatigue.

How Does it Work?

Specforce Alpha begins by explaining some of the most common myths and mistakes by men who wish to achieve a rippled, steely male physique and how they can be overcome with time. The program then proceeds to explain a series of tactical sessions that aggravate conditions like myofibrillar hypertrophy and post-workout fatigue. The program then tells you why you’re most likely not getting the kind of results you expect from your present workout techniques. Thereafter, you will learn some effective and cutting-edge muscle building methods that the author, Todd Lamb has himself used to train real military units and SWAT teams.

What Can You Learn from Specforce Alpha System?

With the Specforce Alpha program, you can look forward to learning the following things:

  • Stepwise instructions on building a ripped body full of muscles and devoid of fat fast. You will get access to novel bodyweight building techniques that have been kept reserved for the elite group of fitness trainers.
  • A unique seven-day-long training cycle that you can implement in order to attain the much-coveted alpha male body and maintain it all year-round.
  • Effective techniques, tips and tricks to speed up fat loss by engaging in workout methods that maximize the energy you invest in them, and mainly work by enhancing the synthesis and release of growth hormone in your body.
  • A detailed “macronutrient profile” which basically tells you which foods to consume and when to consume them, in order to ensure the levels of testosterone hormone stays elevated at all times.
  • Some interesting mindset and focus building techniques that help you think like a true alpha male and project your sexy, confident self to your partner in bed. You will manly and virile from within and become unabashed to portray your sexual desires.
  • A complete understanding of why it’s not necessary to shun alcoholic beverages and delectable fast food items such as pizza and burger, just to achieve an envious physique.
  • In-depth coaching via videos to motivate you and help you execute all the crucial workout sessions in a timely manner so that you find it easier to meet your fitness goals.
  • And that’s not the end of it! Specforce Alpha program also comes with three marvelous bonus guides that give you a greater understanding of the topic, as well as a nice value for your precious pennies!

Specforce Alpha

Specforce Alpha Program Pros:

  • Specforce is not another run-of-the-mill, phony fitness guide created by a wily trainer, rather it’s a legit product that is the brain child of ace SWAT leader and certified tactical fitness expert, Todd Lamb. Even looking at his rippled and steely muscles will give you on the efficacy of his techniques and reliability of his advice.
  • One of the most desirable aspects about this program is that it doesn’t require you to buy or install any special equipment. The exercises and techniques enlisted in the guide are easy to follow and can be done anywhere, at home, office or in the park.
  • Unlike other fitness programs that require you to have a certain amount of training or be at a specific fitness level, Specforce Alpha is ideal for every guy out there. It is suitable for any male who desires to achieve a rippled alpha physique. You don’t have to be a gym addict or have some special training or even have robust health to avail the benefits of the program.
  • Another interesting aspect about the program is that it doesn’t require you to follow a strict diet. You don’t need to give up on foods you love and consume boring, bland foods in order to reach your goals. You can eat whatever you want, as long as the foods are within your macronutrient profile.
  • Specforce Alpha is a fully guaranteed fitness system and if you do not develop the rock hard, steely muscles you envisioned within 60 days of using the program, you can always ask the support team of the creator to give you a full refund. This fact should be enough to validate the efficacy of Specforce Alpha system.

Specforce Alpha Program Cons:

  • Specforce Alpha is an incredibly rigorous program and is thus not suitable for people who cannot handle short and intense workout sessions.
  • Secondly, it’s available only only so those without access to internet connection might not be able to avail the program.


Overall, Specforce Alpha comes across as a superior fitness program developed for guys who are serious about attaining a lean body and a great masculine physique. One of the best qualities of this system is that it doesn’t involve the usage of sophisticated gym equipment to reap positive outcomes; rather it’s a cutting-edge bodyweight-based workout regime that holds true for anyone regardless of their medical history, training level, age or body shape. Specforce Alpha is not suitable for people who lack the determination to follow through a fitness program till the end, but it is apt for anyone who is looking for an advanced tactical workout system to achieve a peak level of physical fitness, as well as increase their sex drive and be able to satisfy their partner in bed. And since Specforce Alpha comes with a money-back guarantee, there is every reason to try it out and see for yourself!

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Top 10 Most Outrageous Exercises I’ve Ever Seen

If it’s six packabs which you’re after, day by day abdominal physical activities are the important thing to attaining your intention. There are a selection of effective stomach physical games that you may attempt out to discover which one is nice for you. Or, for max outcomes, you can integrate some unique stomach sporting events or change between your favorites.

Probably the only, and most famous, stomach exercising is the crunch. Lying at the ground along with your knees bent and feet flat gets your crunch started out. Some humans like to region their fingertips to the edges of the top, simply behind the ears, while others love to do crunches with their palms crossed over their chest. Either manner, the subsequent step is to push your decrease lower back to the ground and maintain that whilst you crunch your stomach muscles to lift your shoulders a few inches off the floor.

To combine matters up a chunk, you could add an exercise ball in your crunch. You’ll want to take a seat on the workout ball with your ft flat on the ground. Slowly allow the ball roll as you lie back until your thighs and torso are parallel with the ground. Then you will contract your abs, raising your torso no extra than 45 degrees. The exercise ball is lots of amusing and can truly assist hold you from getting too bored with your common stomach sporting activities.

Whichever stomach sporting events you decide to be the excellent direction to six % town, do not overdo it and grow to be having to delay your journey. You must always take a look at together with your health practitioner before beginning a new workout software and of path you cannot overlook to stretch.

4 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Workouts

The total gym workout routines is exactly what you need in case you are looking to build your entire frame and put you in shape as a whole. Too many people recognize themselves on only one area in their setting, but in case you would like to enter the form, test this total gym exercise.

Phase 1

The first part of a general gymnastics exercise should be a little cardio work. You need to get blood pumping and get you all tense, warm and fit to lift difficult. No more practical, it will warm you, but it will allow you to diminish your body. Most people run on a treadmill, but if you are a real hardcore, you may want to try jumping. He’s really a killer!


Phase 2

You will find that many total health club exercises begin together with your palms or your legs, but that is a mistake. They should be final, due to the fact that if you tire them out early, a, your hands would not have the ability to pull their weight throughout the other sports, and b, your legs should nevertheless carry you. Gym for the last workout. As an alternative pass for your chest and your new first … Get Dumbell bench presses running on your chest, and in addition, if you can use a p.C deck, move to that. Your return can be a little harder to work, even please in some lat pull-ups and some lifts and you will see gains right away.

Phase 3

Now, it’s time for the palm trees. This is the fave part of general gymnastics training of many humans, because the palms are where most notice their most profits. It is essential to no longer neglect that there are 3 units of muscle tissue in the arm, so you need to get a few buckles dumbell will build the biceps, a few inches of triceps for the triceps (hard!), And each loops Forearm and front forearm loops for your forearms. Now you are glad you did not try to start!

Phase 4

Now comes the legs. At some general gymnastics general training point, until human beings seek to compete, the legs are usually overlooked. Luckily they have to deliver you all day and therefore respond very well to any stimulation … You can perform a few squats to build your thighs, and you will discover unmarried heels, heel increases will build your calves as I trust you. Finally, these are your hamstrings, and they may well manifest itself from all the jogging exercises, but you can also perform a few primary curls to simply pump them.

Now you have seen that general workout routines should not be extremely useless or complicated. Click on the links before for some remarkable recommendations to your exercises.

Bar Brothers System Review – Does It Really Work?

How many of you struggle with weight problems? Or how many of you are having hard times adding lean muscle mass? Are you frustrated and tired? Are you fed up with going to the gym and having no results at all? Well today we will review you the Bar Brothers System, a program that will help you lose weight naturally, change your metabolism and make lasting changes! This Bar Brothers System Review will help you decide if this program is worthy enough, does it work and what it is all about. Right at the start I want to emphasize that it is aimed to burn your fat in a unique way through unique exercises.. 

Product Name : Bar Brothers System

Author Name : Lazar Novovic & Dusan Djolevic

Official Website : CLICK HERE

Bar Brothers System Workout ReviewWhat Is Bar Brothers System?

Like I said, it is callisthenic training system that is created by two training professionals called Lazar Novovic&DusanDjolevic. According to their program each body and mind have equal potential. However, in order to have the best results you must unlock it. If you unlock it you will reach peak in form both physically and mentally. In that way you will transform your body and become a beast. This program will give you the needed missing link between your confidence and your mindset, the link that is stopping you from being successful. It will help you regain confidence and thus attract much more people in your life and get endless possibilities. In this in-depth program you will get detailed, scheduled and instructive tips and advises from this professional callisthenic workout team. They are highly popular with their educational, powering and inspirational videos that will inject energy and motivation in your bones.

The Bar Brothers Workout includes 3 easy-to-follow steps:

I want to inform you that the program lasts for 12 weeks. This calisthenics workout system developed by Lazar and Dusan is consisted of 3 steps. Each step contains different types of workouts.

First Step: The Workout – Start your training – The beginning and starting workouts

Second Step: The Community – Get in touch with other users of the program

Third Step: The Requirements – to become so called bar brother.

How does it work? What does the Bar Brothers System Include?

  • Well first of all you are getting a highly effective 12-week caliesthenic program. This is tested and tried from many users and it is available for download and learning. You will see effects right away, while the total effects will be seen at the end.
  • It contains easy to follow and understand workouts There is in-depth information about how to do them. It is not possible for you to not get the exercises. They are visually explained by this professionals. On top of that these guys also include things that you need to avoid in order to gain the best possible results.
  • Everything that you need to know about calisthenic workouts is included in Bar Brothers System Workouts. The techniques that you can’t find in other places, you can see here. This will enable you to get the best results in fastest possible way.
  • Motivation, community, full-workout routines and extremely insightful and relevant tips are included in the program.
  • Amazingly there are 140 workout videos that are planned and organized for the 12-week program. So, you will have fast and instant effects.

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What will the program teach you?

  • First of all you will get relevant information that will educate you, motivate you. You will become bar training master and get amazing results
  • You will learn best and fastest muscle gaining technics.
  • You will see and understand the best callisthenic exercises, burn a lot of fat and gain only lean muscle mass.
  • You can use it for reaching your life’s goals as well, it will keep you pumped and motivate to always do your best
  • Intensity is the base of this app, so you will learn fat burning routine, 10 killer workout routines in order to get your body in the best shape possible.

Bar Brother Workout Pros :

  • There are basically no side effects, it is all natural highly effective program
  • There are nutritional information about everything you need to eat and there are informational videos about that
  • There is no need for additional costs or expenses, because you wouldn’t need to buy equipment or nutrition elements
  • You will get effectively bigger in muscles, you will have gains and look more muscular because the whole fitness system is based on that
  • With all that in mind be sure that it will transform your body, but without going to the gym and obsessive meal plans
  • Affordable program that is easy to understand. Anybody could use it
  • You can use it to cut fat, lose weight, gain strength, and improve your confidence to reach any life goal


Bar Brothers Workout Cons :

  • Some exercises maybe hard for some people
  • Some people may not get instant effect


The creators of this product have already proven their quality by releasing top notch programs that got lots of positive customer reviews. Their program Bar Brothers System is a great fitness product as well. There are plenty of advice for the person looking to improve mind, body and life. Definitely good value for money as you get loads of extras with the one-time purchase. The videos are neatly organized, easy to follow and with great quality. Another thing that makes this product worth giving a try is it has real experts behind it who is strongly passionate about seeing others achieve their goals.

For a product that shows you how to build an amazing body, get motivated without spending lots of money, the Bar Brothers System is a must get for anyone who is interested in calisthenics. No additional costs, no gym and no diets, just you, the bar brothers and your mind. Check it out, give it a try, and see the value that is inside this guide.

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